Our Case Studies

The environment matters to Wildwood Escot


Wildwood-Escot-LogoIf you are a lover of nature and the great outdoors, Wildwood Escot is an incredible experience and offers a great family day out. Set in 220 acres of stunning private parkland in the heart of East Devon, Wildwood Escot is a refreshingly uncommercial, award-winning visitor attraction that will leave you with many happy memories.

With the environment being so important and our customer’s green policy being paramount, we had to get things right for them. They needed a washroom system that would show how much they cared, whilst being stylish, practical and economical. With such a huge area to cover they needed a manageable solution, with a never-ending supply, even when they were at their busiest. Their members return time and again, so the quality of the toilet paper, hand towels and soaps also had to be of the highest standard.

We chose Bay West, who was the first company in the UK to be awarded the European Eco-label, and with whom we have a long standing relationship. Many products claim to be ‘environmentally friendly’ but provide no way for customers to know what standards they meet. Products with the European Eco-label show that they are less damaging to the environment than equivalent brands and that they have met a set of published environmental criteria.

We are proud to work with Wildwood Escot on helping them achieve their environmental goals.


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