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Meet the team: Helen Roden, Customer Services Manager

meet the team - helen roden

Helen Roden

Customer Services Manager

Helen has been a vital member of the PVM team for three years. She spends her days overseeing the Customer Service department to ensure that as a company, we are providing the best possible service. Day to day, you’ll find her working with other departments, monitoring performance and assessing activity to ensure the process is simple and smooth for all of our customers. Aside from this, Helen also manages some of the larger customer accounts, constantly reviewing their personalisation, identifying change, reporting and advising on the best way to maintain their accounts with us.

What she loves most about PVM is the fact she part of a family run business who are always striving to deliver and best for their customers, in a natural way – it’s part of our ethos.

“My greatest pleasure is understanding customer’s requirements and being able to offer them a solution, which makes it as easy as possible for them. When I get it right, and the customer is thrilled, I know I’ve done a good job!”

Her greatest memory of working for the company is when the growth of the business meant we acquired a new unit at our site in Exeter and we could move the team into, as Helen said, “a new and sparkly office.”

When she’s not busy looking after our customers, Helen is a singer in a band and she helps to organise charity classic car events.

Helen’s main accounts include:


clients - airbus, donkey sanctuary, manpower

    The Donkey Sanctuary                              Manpower                                                 Airbus


Get in touch with Helen:


01392 444303