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The benefits of branded workwear and uniforms

branded workwear and uniforms

When businesses come to us in search of branded workwear and uniforms, we work closely with them to offers solutions and ideas for designing new customised clothing. That could be for either printed or embroidered designs that use our state of the art Barudan machines, but why is branded workwear so important to your business? 

Brand identity 

Ensuring your company is easily identifiable is incredibly important in any industry. An established company should be recognised easily through logos, colours, designs, and symbols so that the workforce can be detected quickly. There are a number of reasons why this is vital for inspiring trust in your customers to ensuring your team stands out in a high-risk environment, especially in the building trade. When working on site, safety is always a big concern so the ability to spot your team at a glance is vital and where areas may be restricted, unauthorised personnel can be removed promptly.

Professionalism among your staff

Dressing in a uniform will help to unite your staff, encouraging them to work towards your core brand values, respect their responsibility as part of your team and inspire determination among them. In turn, all of this will mount to a certain professionalism, which within any industry is vital, especially when working with customers and the general public.

Sense of belonging and equality

In a large team especially, uniform brings everyone together on the same level and offers that sense of belonging to the company. This will lift morale and positivity among your team so that no matter what position they are within the company, they are all working towards the same goals.

Generates interest in your company

Branded workwear and uniforms are a great opportunity to make the most of the free advertising. Whether you have a small team operating in a local area or a national workforce out on the road, your brand will be put in front of a huge audience, every day. This extra presence for your brand will generate interest in your product or services and could lead to more enquiries and hopefully generate more work for your business.

Dressing for the industry

As an employer, you have a responsibility to care for your team so when working within a building trade, that will include taking care of their safety, which often means providing them with the correct clothing. This also gives you the opportunity to set the standards of how you expect workforces to present themselves; after all, they represent your brand. Whether it’s branded protective clothing or a simple t-shirt with your logo on, providing a work uniform when required offers a certain level of care to your team.

Improves the well being of your staff

By providing a work uniform, you are welcoming an employee into your team and it shows that you trust them to represent the brand, whilst at work and in between. This offers motivation, pride and as mentioned above, a sense of belonging. It can also help members of the team financially, avoiding the costs of buying their own suitable workwear.

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