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Standing out from the crowd with ISO Accreditations

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It is a competitive world out there and in any industry, a business has to do what it can, to both stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their quality of service. To help us do that, we have held two ISO accreditations since 2016. To maintain the validity of our certificate, an independent surveillance audit is carried out every 12 months and in 2017, we certainly saw the benefits of this.

What is ISO?

A Management System Standard that allows companies to demonstrate that certain credentials have been verified by an independent third party. By achieving this certified status, it brings tangible business benefits and assists with the acquirement of positive new business. You can find out more about ISO Certification on their website.

ISO 14001 Certification

It’s all about energy saving! Launched in 1996, it is a standard that helps businesses create an effective Environmental Management System to benchmark environmental efforts such as recycling rate, waste and energy use. It goes without saying that by using less, you spend less so not only are there environmental benefits but financial ones too.

ISO 9001- 2015 Certification

A well-recognised certification that can be applied to any organisation across any sector. The reason for its popularity is that businesses will find this accreditation will help them win new business, especially large clients and public contracts. Not only that but it generally improves the way a business performs from happier customers to efficiency and productivity within the company.

How have these certifications helped the business?

For us, it has helped win some prestigious new clients by being able to demonstrate that we meet customer demands. This has resulted in the recruitment of three, new, full-time members of staff.

We have also noticed that increasingly, prospective and existing customers enquire as to whether we hold ISO accreditation, as it is important to their organisations. The standard is prestigious and demanded all over the world by organisations and consumers alike so we are delighted that we were able to secure ISO accreditation.

Take a look at all of our credentials and hear what our customers have to say